Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chapter One - 1c

Talking to HR was about what I expected. A big nothing. The cafeteria had tables with placards lettered A-D, E-H, etc. Security was standing around making sure no one flipped out. As I came in with my box of personal stuff that half filled a copier paper box that I had emptied by dumping all the paper out of onto the floor I was stopped by a guard. He told me "You leave. You don't come back in. You raise your voice. You leave. You act like an asshole. You leave." Then he gave me the death stare.

"Fine" I shrugged. "Like I give a shit." Then I walked over to get in line at my table. I half expected him to say something or shout "Out of here! Now!" But he was already repeating what he just told me to someone else. "Fucking robo guard" I thought. The two people in line ahead of me I only knew by sight. I think the girl at the table talking to the HR drone was named Sheila or Shiela." She was crying. The HR drone who was Black like Sheila handed her the box of tissues she had on her table. Her expression didn't change. She was not showing any expression what so ever. I had landed in robo land it looked like.

Sheila left muttering "What am I going to do" over and over as she headed for the door. I watched her go. She had a nice ass. A little big but my sex life had been slow lately. We shuffled forward and I set my box down at me feet. The guy in front of me looked at me, looked at my box, smiled sadly, and said "Sucks don't it."

"Yep." I replied.

I think he wanted to care and share but I didn't. I was busy running numbers. Like how much I had in my savings account. How much in checking. My 401(k) which had gone back to doing a serious meltdown after showing signs of life and when my next car and condo payment were due. I was okay for awhile. Network people were in demand. It would be tight but I think I would be okay for awhile. Hell, I could get unemployment. I started to smile. Life was good.

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  1. Really liking your work lately! Keep it up Nova it's great stuff!