Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chapter Two - Part 1b

The day went from bad to worse. It used to be surprising to me when that happened. I was finding out that in life that was a fairly normal occurrence. Especially when the money was no longer there to smooth it over or make it right.

When I got back to my condo I parked in a far corner of the garage next to a SUV, just in case, but I thought I had another couple months before I really had to start hiding my car. I caught the elevator up. Someone with a sharpy had written "Suck Oil Banker PIGZ!" It had been there since I had moved in. It would probably be there when I left too. That was confirmed when I saw the paper taped to my door. What the hell had happened to living rent free for two years? I read everywhere on the Internet that you could live for years without paying! How come I only got five months! I ripped it off the door and tossed it in a corner.I went directly to bed and went to sleep without taking my clothes off.

I slept for hours. When I woke up I was completely disoriented. Was it nighttime or morning? What day was it? I felt like I had emerged from a coma. Not a restful one either. After I took a leak I went to the window and looked at the barely lit office buildings I decided it would be easier to check my laptop then stand there and guess what timezone I had awakened into. It was midnight. It was going to be a long night. Maybe if I watched some porn and jerked off a hundred times I could fall back to sleep.

It didn't work. If anything it made me more depressed. What it did do was remind me of those two hotties who were passing out flyers. I sat up in bed and dug into my pocket where I had jammed it. What I read was not what I expected. It said:

Welcome. You have a choice.
You are better than this.
We all are.

Don't let them suck the life out of you
then tell you it's your fault.
Don't let them drain your soul of all the joy
just to feed their wallets and twisted minds.
Then feed you pharmaceuticals to fix the
numbness they created
All the time sucking away. Draining you. Using you.
They poison us with shit and sell it to us as sugar.
When we get sick from it
they take all our money
and blame us.
Chain us to electronic tethers
wired directly into our brains.
We jerk like frogs on command
They sell us overpriced toxic toys
made by slave labor.
That we have the privilege of paying to much for
You're a debt slave.
Guinea pig.
and a joke.
Fuck them.
It is time to turn it back
Back on them
Burn them and their toys
and tools
Burn them now!

It had a time and date. Tomorrow. The location? A county park. I was going.


  1. Yah, the burners were a subset of the Ravers once upon a time.
    The Picknick table with the red flag(pun intended,lol) is the redirect point to thwart the po-po(who were always interested in their quasi-illegal doings anyway!)Fun stuff!
    Interesting seeing how you educate folks about the sociological facts that as societal norms crumble and corrode many people will instinctively look for something to believe in.
    Especially something that provides a sense of membership. The attraction is pretty obvious in that they offer physical stimulation and acceptance to people who now 'have not' when they used to (or just never did 'have'). As opposed to the Fundies core themes of abstinence and exclusion/predjudice with their classically hypocritical core reality.. .
    Rock on Nova!

  2. Thanks JO,

    Yep. You see exactly where I am coming from and trying to go.