Friday, June 4, 2010

Chapter Two - Part 1c

I showed up at the park 30 minutes early. I had a plan. Get there early, run into the flyer girls, and tell them how interested I was. Then, if I was lucky, one of them would would want to come by my place and tell me more. I felt good. I had a plan. I had taken a shower and shaved. Something that I had been not doing as often as I once did. Hell, maybe I could pass out flyers and get paid. Hopefully cash. That was somewhat far fetched. If this was something you had to believe in then you probably were expected to work for free.

I parked and looked around. Not a whole lot of cars. A handful were parked over to one side. They were residents. People were living in them. I looked away quickly. I didn't need that cold ball of fear I just got messing up my game. I also noticed an unmarked police car with the usual tinted windows parked at the other end of the lot. "Probably there for the homeless people" I thought. So where were all the people? I mean I was early but I figured there would be a 40 people or more here already with hundreds more by the start.

About a 100 yards away was a picnic table with four people sitting at it. They had a red flag flying on a pole and two of them had bright red hair. Weird, but not too weird. That was it except for a couple of kids playing near the homeless cars who were being watched by Mom types. I got out of the car as if that was going to make a difference in spotting them. Plus, I decided to wait a bit and I didn't want to sit in there and roast because I sure wasn't going to burn the gas to keep the a/c chugging away.


  1. If I didn't have children, a wife, and a home, I could absolutely become a burner. The rage is there, but it's held under wraps by my obligations to, and my love for, my family. There is a breaking point for people like me, but we haven't reached it, yet. If it ever comes to the point where my family is going hungry, then all bets are off, I'll do whatever it takes to feed them.

    Civilization is indeed a thin veneer. It's in the best interest of everyone to find a way forward that allows all those willing to work a way to find sustenance, and some dignity. Otherwise, there is only anarchy and horror.

  2. Otherwise, there is only anarchy and horror.

    Yep. The women folk hate that too. Otherwise it would be war all the time probably.

  3. I know I had a fascination with guns and violence in my youth. I loved that stuff. I trained in various martial arts and loved to shoot whenever I could. I grew out of it. At some point, I began to understand how awful the consequences of it could be.

    Countries with a lot of young men, like Saudi Arabia, China and others, are sitting on a powder keg. Young, dumb and full of ______. Well, you know. Violence in it's various forms are like a siren song to to young men without a realistic chance for advancement. For older men, it's the last resort of the truly desperate. Scratch that, for some older men, it's a business plan - to profit while the young men die.

  4. D^2,

    In the US it is all business plan now. A volunteer Army and captive media make it so easy.