Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chapter Two - Part 1a

Was the job fair bad? No. Was it worse than bad? Yes. I walked towards the exit wanting to blow my brains out. There is something special about being treated like an beggar at the table of those who still feast on the fast food of an HR job to make you feel real good about yourself. I felt like one of the many homeless, drunken, insane people who had approached me over the course of my life. You quickly learned to see them with out seeing them. They were nothing and if you let them know you saw them as people they zeroed in on you like flies on fresh roadkill.

That was the way it felt in Job Fair land. It didn't take long for me to want to spark some life in those eyes. Make them acknowledge me as a human being. As someone that they once held meetings just to hear my views. I had been somebody! I once had a company Blackberry! I wasn't the only one either. I noticed a few blouses open a little more than when they started. Hell, I ended up doing the eye contact thing with a woman I wouldn't have even noticed once upon a time. Now, it was like "Yes! Take me into a suite and ride me! Please! Just give me a job! She knew too. I just didn't pass the meat test I guess.

The only bright spot was when I left.Two extremely hot women were handing out flyers by the main exit. Yes, Flyers. The favorite way of advertising for lost cats and housecleaning. I would have tossed it except for the great smile she gave me. That, and she wasn't wearing a bra. I stuffed in my pocket, smiled back, and thought I am looking at this thing as soon as I get in my car. Hell, maybe they are hiring.

I got in my car. I changed my mind about reading it there. Why? Because I looked over into the car next to me and saw the man with the dyed hair. He had his forehead resting on the steering wheel and was sobbing. Not crying. Sobbing."Holy Jeebus" I thought. "I got to get out of here before he puts a gun to his head and blows out one of my windows. I put it in reverse and sped all the way home. I still couldn't shake the image of him sobbing though.


  1. Well told. The company I work for went through a downsizing 18 months ago. Not too long afterwords a "job fair" was held at the hotel across the street. I saw a lot of people I had worked with and others I knew from elsewhere there. They all had looks ranging from despair to complete panic on their faces. I went over and talked to as many as I could before I was called back.

    Your reference to meat test is dead on.

    Thanks for another great story.

    Jim in MO.

  2. Hey Jim,

    Thanks. I still remember the fear in my neighbors eyes a year ago. She had already been unemployed for a year then and she was dealing with the idea that at 58 her working days were over -- and not by choice. She is still unemployed and hoping to survive until 62.

  3. I resemble that remark.