Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chapter Two - Part 1e

As soon as she got close enough she said "Hi Guys! You looking for the 'Transformation Party' meeting?'

The rest, being the other two guys, told her "Yes!" I just sort of smiled and wondered if anyone had proposed calling it the "Gaia Party." I would have loved to have been in the room then and listened to the pro and con arguments. I also realized that she had just smiled at all of us and none of us. She had to have been in "Sales" of some sort once upon a time.

"Well come on. Follow me!" She said this looking back at us over her shoulder. I would bet I was the only one of the three guys who actually knew what her eye color was. They were blue. A very light blue at that.

The people at the table were about what I expected. A fatter version, probably the best friend of the hottie sent to fetch us, who needed to buy some Proactive and lighten up on the black eyeshadow. A thin, intense white guy with curly brown hair who looked liked he could be a pain in the ass. The other guy was big, square faced, and smarter then he looked. He was probably Skinny's 'security' and banging the good looking one on the side.


  1. Questions that come to mind -

    Who's organizing these people?

    Why? What's the motivation? Religion? Profit? Power?

    What's the Agenda? What are their goals?

    I'll be following along to find out. I do like the central character, Dakota. It should be an interesting ride.

  2. I've been to this place, minus a condo "ownership" and a car with payments. Housemates might give you 30 days, if you are good about keeping the kitchen/bathroom clean and keeping the internet working. They won't let it go very long, 'cause they are just scraping by too (unless they are Trustifarians and/or effective drug dealers).

    Cult organizers love people who don't get enough sleep or quite enough high-quality nutrition. They can be easily led.

    Cars in my world only have one payment, the first payment (100% down, no credit check, AS-f-in'-IS. If you have "small money" things actually don't suck very much, it's a sign that it's time to downgrade the accommodations, actually it's been time for about 6 months and if you did it back then it would have been to an 18' travel trailer owned-outright, with 2 years of plates for $185 (price to not be bothered by parking cops and move over the roads without being stopped by traffic cops). Park anywhere legal for a few days at a time, clean up don't leave a mess and be somewhat welcome/tolerated again in a month. If you are really liked (if you stop a rape, kidnapping or break-in of the house), a garden hose or a power cord might be offered. The ultimate prize to be offered might be a parked-in off-street spot at the back of a long driveway--that's almost as good as a condo! Don't run the on-board gennie after about 6pm unless it's below freezing. Silence, clean/straight respectability, and invisibility are the objectives. A temporary bit of paid (or cooked-for) employment sounds great!